5 best suppliers of street furniture


28 years of experience, about 20 000 implementations for customers from all over the world and still fresh look at the urban furniture design.

Thanks to collaboration with the best specialists Zano is able to offer products of excellent making quality, and can make demanding and complicated projects.



Vestre is a leading manufacturer of furniture for towns, parks and outdoor public spaces.

They collaborates with well-known Scandinavian designers and has received many design awards. Vestre’s products are produced in Norway and Sweden using first-class materials of a consistently good quality which enables them to be used without any problems for many years.


Street Furniture Australia

As a design-focused manufacturer, Street Furniture Australia is dedicated to improving the public realm through innovative and timeless products.

Since 1986, Street Furniture Australia has been involved in the supply of street furniture for more than 25,000 projects, both public and private, around Australia and the world.



The professionally skilled Streetlife team speaks the language of landscape architects.

Their many years’ experience with sustainable materials and vandal-proof constructions in public spaces makes Streetlife a strong partner to work with.



MMcite can offer fine quality to all citizens and influence their taste.

For mmcité, making street furniture is a cultural mission. They can completely change the face of the city by installing just a few small elements.