donat Bollard by mmcité

donat Bollard by mmcité


A simple but formally attractive cylindrical bollard with a light T-shaped top. The fashionably slim SD range is 76 mm in diameter and the robust SD200 range is 114 mm in diameter. An important novelty is the possibility to place lighting under the upper surface of the T-shaped top of the SD200 bollard using a low voltage LED light source. In this way, we get the opportunity to install one set of identically shaped lit and unlit options into one line.

Galvanized steel construction with powder paint finish. Possibility of mounting a connecting chain. The new version is fitted with a maintenance-free, low voltage LED light source.

cadlimit-SC-d0561-donat-b cadlimit-SC-d0743-donat-h cadlimit-SC-d2455-donat-h