Escofet Laurel & Hardy

Escofet Laurel & Hardy

Design by: Miguel Milá

LAUREL & HARDY is a litterbin and an ashtray, two different uses and shapes which can be used together or separately. They both have a cylindrical geometry and are built in cast stone with cast aluminium lids and stainless steel interior mechanisms.

They are available in two finishes: grey concrete combined with smoke-black cast aluminium lids, or beige concrete with the aluminium compliments painted for a „COR-TEN” effect.

Both items have a large capacity and can be installed in areas with heavy use, both indoors and outdoors. This litterbin provides for a plastic collection bag, held in place by a stainless steel telescopic ring. The ashtray can be removed and articulated using a mechanism that allows its contents to be emptied into the litterbin without detachment from the unit. The two cylinders are joined by a bolt and anchored to the ground.

The LAUREL & HARDY unit was designed for Escofet in 2008 by designers Miquel Milá and Gonzalo Milá.

Escofet-Laurel-Hardy-9909 Escofet-Lena-Planter-9912