Space Seat

Space Seat

Space, by Jangir Maddadi Design Bureau, embodies every word of its definition. With Space you can chose to be private in public. The furniture’s dynamic allows you to chose to either interact with the world around you, with the technology in your hand – or the peace in your mind. Space is providing a place to sit that is equipped with electronic units: it will charge your device, speed up your laptop or zone you out from surrounding noise.


Each Space hub is arranged with eight large built-in seats. Each seat is enveloped on both sides, offering the privacy and relaxation you crave in airports, shopping malls, train stations and hotel lounges. Incorporated into each individual seat is also easy-to-access power outlets, for multiple electronic devices.

– Space offers an escape, says creative director Jangir Maddadi. It’s such an intelligent piece of furniture. You can escape wherever you want, while sitting in the most comfortable way. Focus on work or drift straight into deep thoughts.

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