Street furniture – what will 2017 bring?

Street furniture – what will 2017 bring?

City life is dynamic and so are the citizens’ needs. Street furniture designers are always up to meeting those needs and they keep creating new pieces that are more functional, more fitted and more sophisticated. Along with changing needs, there are changing trends, just like in fashion industry. The trick is to combine functionality with design. The best street furniture combine a modern design and style, functionality and the highest quality. A well-designed street furniture has a city spirit in it.

Here are some trends for the upcoming year.

We are mobile


We live in the era of portable devices. All our devices, phones, computers, e-readers and game consoles are portable and need to be charged every now and then. We are in a constant move and our devices should not limit us. Meeting our needs, street furniture designers create furniture pieces integrated with charging spots. Solar-powered bench chargers in our cities are one of the upcoming trends.

Unique details


Street furniture must be easily recognized in the city area and its traditional form must remain unchanged. It’s the details that make the difference. Details make the furniture integrated with the city, with its style and ambience. Well-combined details make furniture stylish: minimal or decorative, traditional or modern.



Modular furniture systems are a proof that street furniture is a combination of functionality and design. Modular furniture enable us to create a piece precisely adjusted to our needs and, at the same time, it triggers our imagination and creativity.

Stainless steel


Polished stainless steel is a classic, but its time has come to an end. Now black is back. In the upcoming year, black stainless steel is a hot trend. It’s like reinventing a classic and taking it to the next level: black stainless steel is modern, smooth and sophisticated.