Walkspace is located in Auckland and is here to help.

Founded and run by Jon Scanlan and Bevan Thomas, Walkspace works on projects nationally and internationally providing quality design, detail and delivery of public street furniture for the urban domain. Put quite simply, we are dedicated to enhancing public spaces.

The team brings a wealth of knowledge working in the street furniture industry for over 25 years, designing, managing and supplying some of the most iconic public spaces both nationally and internationally. Walkspace as its own entity is a junior, established mid-2014 and has already established itself as a leader in supplying quality bespoke furniture to a wide and varied group of clients. We are proud of the work to date and have received positive feedback from our clients.  Walkspace continues to raise the bar and seek out projects that challenge us, push the design envelope, demand and require quality results, and ultimately enhance the spaces they are set in.

For a full introduction to Walkspace, please visit http://www.walkspace.co.nz/about-me-shift/#about