Public Spaces

Public Spaces

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Public Spaces has been formed by a number of Irish companies involved in the same business and offers the combined talents of all bodies through one entity. Based in Bray just outside Dublin, Ireland we cover the British and Irish market comprehensibly working with the most influential architects and urban designers in these islands. Our aim is to bring the most innovative designs and concepts in urban furniture to the attention of those who can dictate the way our highways and green areas will look into the future.

Apart from working with Europe’s top designers though our partners in Spain, Holland, Belgium we have set up a small design house to encourage and promote the skills of young Irish designers who can perhaps bring a unique and different feel to street furniture principles. Over the next couple of years you will begin to see the results of this sponsorship in the brands ‘Litterman’ and the ‘yet to be launched’ ‘Arlo Green’. The Arlo Green brand will bring together designs from not only Irish but also we hope from other corners of these islands.

We also can offer through these facilities a full bespoke design service to our clients. This not only encompassing the development and design of a product but also the manufacture and marketing if required. This can include precision work in stainless steel to architectural concrete. We have already worked with a number of the UK’s top architects and have produced products for them.

Please talk to us about your ideas!



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Bray, Wicklow , Ireland

Telephone : + 353 1 2864995/6
Free UK. No. : 0808 1011590

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