Building Smart Cities

Building Smart Cities

The futuristic visions as shown in science fiction movie blockbusters Blade Runner and Total Recall – robots and life on Mars – may never have happened, but we have been busy bridging the gap between the present and the future with our ‘intelligent’ street furniture. Jon Scott, Marshalls’ NPD Manager, shows you how.

From talking bollards and bins to signposts that tell you which way to go, we are laying the foundations for a journey where entire landscapes will communicate with people. No longer will there be restrictions on what we can do in our cities – our pioneering technology will allow for the two to combine and complement one another for a ‘smart’ experience.

Those in need of extra help and support whilst in a public space stand to benefit hugely from the work we are doing right now to increase safety and accessibility through intelligent street furniture – and it’s hoped that in the future we can make life in the city easier, more convenient and generally more appealing for everyone, not just those who need the assistance most.


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